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this was sitting in my wip folder and i have no will to do anything else with it, so here it is.
uhh I’ve been trying to clean out my WIP folder and finally found a palette I liked and uh i’ve never really done anything like this before

some weird 4 year improvement meme of the characters (left to right) Eli, Nage, and (below) JD. I found early drawings of them so i could cry about how shitty my old art looked.

the first JD was made in 2009 i think? and then the first Eli and Nage were made in 2010, hence the reason the first JD looks like shit. also finally decided to make Nage and Eli look related for once in their 4 year lives

improvement memes are weird as shit and goes to show how i make ocs and never let them go

let’s explore the universe!


I’m doing simple animal crossing drawing commissions. payment is through paypal only, my paypal and contact email is

if you want a mayor/human, please provide a reference for your mayor/human resident, like a photo of them in a well lit room in your house in-game. Also please provide what kind of personality your mayor/human has or any likes or interests.

If you want a villager, just provide who you want and if you want them to be wearing a specific outfit because otherwise I will just draw their default clothing.

Payment up front, I’ll send you the full resolution image when I’m done. Message me if ya’ll have any questions.

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build the universe and tear it apart again
steal the stars so you can give them back and be the hero

I was trying out new brushes as well as trying to finish one of the poses in my WIPs folder. Transparent.
new mayor + i have no idea what a level of finish is

I’m talking to you after it’s too late
From my videotape

Lucia again + the lyric that inspired her whole character when i first created her

not exactly sure which version I like better, so have both.

not completely sure what im doing, but it’s a thing

gestalt self portrait because i was lazy and it resulted in something interesting
Found an old sketchbook and wanted to complete the drawing. This is Eli and whenever I draw him he’s always somehow covered in blood or injured or both. He’s great. But he wears goggles like an asshole.
(transparent jerkass for your enjoyment)

My intro to comics final: “An Ode to Babel

I made a short comic as tribute to an infamous video game puzzle. I felt like I improved a lot in my class and I’m really looking forward to making more cool shit in the future.

I’ll probably end up making this into a zine so look for it in the future!

these ended up being the only two things I did in drawing 2 that I’m actually proud of.