im a pastel bug punk orchid mantis. I wear spiked gloves and have a big patch on my back that says “Eat All Men”
bug punk art ruffians ride hard
bug punk bee gal. look at that yellow.
pumpkin kid ghost that has to keep replacing the candle in his hollow chest or otherwise he’ll disappear forever
i changed my animal crossing outfit again. Now I look like an undertaker.
Walk cycle practice for fun. completed in aprox. 3 hours.
i started my town over and i dont even know what the fuck to do so i can get the development permit again so i’m back to making weird outfits and trying to find a fucking yellow perch to give to one of my villagers
19th president of the United States. And my shiny pumpkaboo.
original gijinka do not steal.
I am your goat mailman.
its my submission for sticker zine! if you kids still want to participate, you have just under a week to submit your own, so get crackin!
i drew a goat-taur with a bird friend!

the little prince that plays a peaceful game in a world to explore all by himself

i made a katamari prince skin for myself in minecraft and the way i play minecraft reflects the katamari games a lot i guess haha
(it’s transparent because i like transparent things)
(please click high res for better quality)
three psychic teenagers named Sno, Dunn, and Chis. A chemical problem in their bodies is causing their them to lose pigment in their skin, hair, and eyes, but not in an albinism way, more like their bodies are turning shades of gray.
i just wanted solid character designs and colors for these guys, nothing special. I reused previous character designs for Sno and Chris because I had no real purpose for them beforehand.
I drew Grant for a zine.